Entry #1

Might be on my way to recording stuff !

2014-03-06 06:08:11 by blanchon

Hello everyone !  The name is Blanchon, I'm an Audio Guy, I was most likely commenting things on this very website but now, things may change !

That's right, I may finally be able to provide this website with some high quality recording ! YAY ! :3


















Yes, that's a broken wrist right there ! So much skill at riding bicycles ! Wow !


This thing means that I may try to record some singing and acoustic guitar, I know some people may be expecting me to record some heavy metal stuff with my electric guitar, but I promise this shit is next on my wish list !

I wanted to share a demo of my mic but the Dumping grounds is trolling me currently ...! :/

if you want to ask me almost anything, feel free to leave a comment ! :D


EDIT : I finally posted a bit of something on the audio portal ! Check it out ! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/584611


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2014-03-09 01:22:30

Nice set up man! What all have you or?

blanchon responds:



2014-03-09 01:24:17

Sorry lol I hit submit early ..
What have you got?
What do you have software-wise? Are you using an interface or is that a USB mic?

blanchon responds:

It's a USB mic, but software-wise, I only have Audacity, wich I guess is pretty good if I plan nothing too serious with it ... I guess that if I want to start some serious stuff with it, of course I could look over the internet for backtracks or other programs to make 'em, I did actually found one but the thing went crashing whenever I tried to launch it ... :/


2014-06-18 21:38:25

PM-ed u! :)


2014-12-10 10:08:57

Thats great news !! Cant wait to hear that man ! Rock On |m/,

blanchon responds:

Ha ! Well I'm just taking my sweeeeeeeeet time it would seem :D