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Total Medals Earned: 2,318 (From 366 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 40,450 Points

Zombie Safari

Medals Earned: 1/14 (5/155 points)

Good student 5 Points

It is given for completing tutorial

Businessman 5 Points

It is given when you got your first $1000.

Come back 5 Points

Nice to see you again!

Exterminator 5 Points

You need 100 kills to gain this.

Trucker 5 Points

50 repairs were made.

Za rodinu! 5 Points

Buy all xUSSR weapons.

Ammo maniac 10 Points

You have used tons of ammo.

For imperor! 10 Points

It is given when you get a bolter.

Maniac 10 Points

You need 500 kills to gain this.

Traveler 10 Points

Now you are a skilled traveler. Complete 15 levels.

Wolf skin 10 Points

You have killed 150 wolves.

Helmet 25 Points

You have killed 20 riders.

Sniper 25 Points

Complete 6th level with accuracy more than 75%

Winner 25 Points

Complete game.

Zombies Everywhere!

Medals Earned: 16/16 (490/490 points)

Fallen 5 Points

Not by zombies :O

Virgin 5 Points

Killed without shooting

Beginner 10 Points

Kill your first 10 zombies

Master Exploder 10 Points

Killed by explosion

Rude Boy 10 Points

Killed by santa

Bombastic 25 Points

Throw 5 meat bombs

Hard Guy! 25 Points

Survive 5 minutes!

Killer! 25 Points

Kill 100 Zombies!

Ninja Slayer 25 Points

Kill one ninja

Santa Slayer 25 Points

Kill 3 Santas

Sniper 25 Points

100 head-shots!

Survivor 25 Points

Survive minute

Zombies' Slayer 25 Points

Kill 500 Zombies!

Zombies' Murder 50 Points

Kill 250 Zombies!

10 minutes! 100 Points

Survive 10 minutes!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Zombies In Your Backyard

Medals Earned: 7/10 (125/325 points)

Can't wait to kill? 5 Points

Kill a zombie in the menu.

Good choice! 5 Points

Click the Newgrounds-logo to visit Newgrounds.

I wish that I could fly! 5 Points

Jump 10 times.

Caring for the little things in life... 10 Points

Kill 10 little zombies.

First half 25 Points

Survive 5 days.

Serial Killer 25 Points

Kill 50 zombies in one game.

That good old pistol... 50 Points

Survive until day 5 without buying a weapon from the shop.

Heavy metal! 50 Points

Buy the minigun.

Survivor 50 Points

Survive all 10 days.

Collector 100 Points

Buy all weapons from the shop.


Medals Earned: 13/14 (465/490 points)

Collector 5 Points

Collect 10 pickups on a level

Pansy 5 Points


Bullseye 10 Points

Get 10 headshots

Freeman 10 Points

Kill a big zombie with the crowbar

Professional 10 Points

Kill 50 zombies

Relentless 25 Points

Kill 100 zombies

Shredder 25 Points

Unlock the chainsaw

Zombieland 25 Points

Reach level 10

Marathon 50 Points

Reach level 20

Massacre 50 Points

Kill 500 zombies

Sureshot! 50 Points

Get 100 headshots

Zombie Holocaust 100 Points

Kill 1000 zombies

Zomg! 100 Points

Reach level 30

Zoller 25 Points

100% headshots in a level


Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/330 points)

First Flight 5 Points

Beat Room 5

Dead End 25 Points

Get the bad ending

Expertly Done 1 25 Points

Complete Expert Room 1

Expertly Done 2 25 Points

Complete Expert Room 2

Living End 50 Points

Get the good ending

Time Trophy 100 Points

Beat Time Trial Run in under 4 minutes

Wit of Citrus 100 Points

Obtain all 19 grapefruits

[Visible] III

Medals Earned: 4/18 (55/595 points)

Got Bytz? 10 Points


Never Give Up 10 Points

If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try and try...

Secret Training 10 Points

You are now a beginner ninja

Invincible 25 Points

With practice comes greatness

Data Collector 10 Points

Information is important to a ninja

Hanging Out 10 Points

Oh you know... just chillin'

Heart Breaker 10 Points

This medal is your consolation for dying a little inside

Ready for More 10 Points

As if the first time didn't suck enough

Grand Data Man 25 Points

Because knowledge is power!

Grand Intrusion 25 Points

Hey, you're pretty good at this!

Mission Complete 25 Points

High five for great success!

Powered Up! 25 Points

Like Mario, but with more awesome

9 Lives 50 Points

However, only a ninja cat could do this

Flawless Infiltration 50 Points

A master of the craft

Ran the Gauntlet 50 Points

You are a brave one

Speed Run King 50 Points

Inevitable danger doesn't slow you down! Well, not that much.

Immortal 100 Points

You are a god among ninjas!

Undetectable 100 Points

A perfect shadow, a master of stealth!