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I have to say this is quite impressive for a Flash animation, The quality was there for almost everything, I can't see how this could get any better in quality even though it's a stickman-based animation. The moves were so realistic and ... I guess fluid is the word I'm looking for ? Anyway, it reminds me of the good old 1991's "Another World" (AKA "Out of this World") and 1992's "Flashback".
The voice acting was fitting too, maybe some soldiers might sounds abit like the same dudes but that's okay, no big deal !
However, I find the plot way too close to Dead Space's one, but I really like the fact that we know almost nothing about the reptile-like beasts causing one hell of some troubles on this ship, 'cause the less you know, the creepier ...

For all the lazy people, I'll make a short version :
Animation and voice-acting were quite an amazing surprise, even if the plot is familiar, the direction is interesting and I'll look toward future episodes !

I hope you guys (and girls if there are any) makes it to the weekly bests ! Would totally deserve it ! ;)

Specked responds:

wow... thank you so much ;-;
your going on the wall of fame too

We all need a whatatwist.gif right now !

Nobody seems to be reviewing the thing they are writing a review for ... WELCOME TO THE INTERNET

But yeah, jokes apart, the animation quality was great ! I especially like the way you've been switching from very smooth animations to the simplest thing out there wich (I know that's intended) seriously multiplies the laugh we all get !

I also quite enjoyed the way you've stereotyped 99.999999...(hell that's al... NO !)% of all the Internet into one single animation, since everyone is on the internet for boobs ... Don't deny it ... I know you want them ...
Hell, there's even "Hentai" on the lil' pervert's computer AND a Game Grumps reference later on (I guess so ...?) ! Paying attention to details at it's finest !

Free to Play but Pay to Enjoy ? Yeah, right !

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Decent, but I fail to understand some of the ideas behind the whole progress the player is meant to go through.

First, the weapon selection menu isn't giving us any information on the weapons whatsoever apart from which one you're picking. No idea what the upgrade does, and you can't try them in your "home" either.

Then, the default weapon is far too effective compared to others you can grab throughout the game. The very first two handed weapon I grabbed was in every point except damage worse. It even had a smaller reach and the damage output wasn't much better for a weapon that eats most of your default stamina bar in two swings. The traveler's default sword simply reaches way too far for not only a one-handed weapon but a starter weapon as well.

Also, the fighting is mediocre at best. The idea is basic in theory but the execution has its up and downs.
Starting with the fact that the AI is far too unpredictable. Sometime it will just cower into a corner and let itself get bullied while others it will just dodge every single one of your attacks and combo you to death ! Some of the controls are also seemingly unresponsive and simply lets you get stunlocked with still some stamina to spare.

Finally, probably the most absurd point in my opinion, is the progression system. Most of the time you barely get anything apart from upgrade material, extra XP or the absolute worse : an arena ... Whenever you finally get a weapon or armor, chances are you're not even gonna use it because you already upgraded your previous equipment, or it doesn't even fit your playstyle/fashion to begin with.

I played only 3 levels and can already tell how bad it's trying to be a flash version of SUPERHOT but only copies its main mechanic : when you stop, so does time.

The original game is about survival in a context of inferiority with few to no weapon to begin with and limited ammo, but in this, the very first thing you grab is a pistol with unlimited ammo, which is the only weapon you'll ever get if you do not have an account to whatever website the dev wants you to go to.

SUPERHOT is a fast-paced action game when you move and more strategic when stationary, but S.T.A.N.D. is slow when moving and abit slower when standing still. However, the slow-mo is messed up since it doesn't affect rats nor your reload time. As long as you stand still your pistol becomes a machine-gun.

If bullets could collide in Superhot, they were not the size of a forearm and you didn't need to shoot someone / be shot yourself several times to kill them, which is yet another way of making an action-game actionless.

Also, work on your english or have your work spell-checked because the description, tags and ingame sentences makes few to no sense.

Oh boy ! This episode was up to my expectations, way better even ! Apart from Ellie's voice not being too convincing, the fact that you can click on the map when it's under the medal screen and I had at least one medal seemingly not working (bruUHGHNO), all the jokes that are in there are just perfect.

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad it was better than you expected. Also the medal is not broken, you're not completing it.

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Well shit been ages since last time I was on NG, glad to see you're still kicking asses in there !

BERSERKYD responds:

hehe I should post more I guess, I miss newgrounds ! Merci encore ;)

I swear one day we'll have enough strings on a single neck to make full sentences.

Again, not a fan of djent, but your work is always welcome to fo through my headset.

I usually don't like 7 strings since people tend to not be original and go the "Djent" way with a repetitive rythmic pattern and most of the time a single chord, but you managed to be better than that with variations from the usual "chugga-chugga" we can hear all over, bravo.

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks man, I try to put effort in to incorporate various styles and progressions just to make it that little bit more interesting. I'm glad you see that! :)

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I writed a comment.

Perspective seems off on the pistols.

Proportions seems to be abit off about something but I can't really tell if it's the gun, the head, the stock or anything like that.


YAY ! BEWBYZ ! *ahem* <"STUPID MOD OFF" set to 0>

Seriously, this artworks looks pretty good, but the shadows are abit off, since the light is supposed to be behind the character ... Anyway, still looks good, can be abit better imo (like the face, forexample)

Hey guys, I'm blanchon if you haven't noticed yet ! I may upload some punk/metal riffs on NG but I gotta finish the work for my home studio and stuff ... but for now, I'll keep rating 'n' commenting stuff ...!

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