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I have to say this is quite impressive for a Flash animation, The quality was there for almost everything, I can't see how this could get any better in quality even though it's a stickman-based animation. The moves were so realistic and ... I guess fluid is the word I'm looking for ? Anyway, it reminds me of the good old 1991's "Another World" (AKA "Out of this World") and 1992's "Flashback".
The voice acting was fitting too, maybe some soldiers might sounds abit like the same dudes but that's okay, no big deal !
However, I find the plot way too close to Dead Space's one, but I really like the fact that we know almost nothing about the reptile-like beasts causing one hell of some troubles on this ship, 'cause the less you know, the creepier ...

For all the lazy people, I'll make a short version :
Animation and voice-acting were quite an amazing surprise, even if the plot is familiar, the direction is interesting and I'll look toward future episodes !

I hope you guys (and girls if there are any) makes it to the weekly bests ! Would totally deserve it ! ;)

Specked responds:

wow... thank you so much ;-;
your going on the wall of fame too

We all need a whatatwist.gif right now !

Nobody seems to be reviewing the thing they are writing a review for ... WELCOME TO THE INTERNET

But yeah, jokes apart, the animation quality was great ! I especially like the way you've been switching from very smooth animations to the simplest thing out there wich (I know that's intended) seriously multiplies the laugh we all get !

I also quite enjoyed the way you've stereotyped 99.999999...(hell that's al... NO !)% of all the Internet into one single animation, since everyone is on the internet for boobs ... Don't deny it ... I know you want them ...
Hell, there's even "Hentai" on the lil' pervert's computer AND a Game Grumps reference later on (I guess so ...?) ! Paying attention to details at it's finest !

Free to Play but Pay to Enjoy ? Yeah, right !

Damn, That animation was really well made, there was even some 3D-like moment. That is quite impressive I have to say ...

Damn, even after 5 years, that piece of shit is still exelent !

That's some REAAAAL badassness right here ! I wonder where those sprites are coming from, if you created them or if it's comming from a game or anything like that ...

I really think you deserved that daily feature, and that you deserved even more, actually ! =3

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thanks alot my friend, that really means alot to me!
And yes her sprites come from a game. Her name is Power'd Ciel from Melty Blood.

I don't want to be mean, but "Creme glacee" is not the 100% correct translation of Ice Cream in French, we use to say simply "Glace", Creme glacee is actually the name used for it as an ingredient in coooking. Metro also have an accent on the "e" in french (but they dont work on NG for some reason) and "Cafe" is "Coffee", "a Cafe" would be translated as "un Bar" or "une Brasserie", but theese are only details ...

The animation was trully perfect, but i don't know why a girl would litterally jump in a monster's mouth to get her Ice cream back, even if it's a cartoon ...!

Just found this epic ! It remains of Pewdiepie almost allways overdoing his screams ...!

Epic, but we can see the fact that it's been made frame by frame, you should try to make it look a little more fluid (appart from the shadows parts, these are even the moments I enjoyed the most !)

just think about making the intruder having a skin that is REALLY different from his ennemies, you know, the googles are the only easy difference we can see, giving him such thing as a customed uniform (such as Sam Fisher's one, the Splinter Cell serie's main caracther) and giving enemies regular kevlars vests, just saying ...!

this part is quite nice, I won't talk about the music (from MW2) even if it's a quite good one !

too bad Juanford66 didn't made the bullets seen, the "shotgun" part is quite misunderstanding !

Hey guys, I'm blanchon if you haven't noticed yet ! I may upload some punk/metal riffs on NG but I gotta finish the work for my home studio and stuff ... but for now, I'll keep rating 'n' commenting stuff ...!

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